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Chris Harris Motorsport #37 :: News :: Sprint Engineering & Lubricants Ltd Continue Partnership In 2018

Sprint Engineering & Lubricants Ltd Continue Partnership In 2018

Sprint Engineering & Lubricants Ltd Continue Partnership In 2018

Sprint Engineering & Lubricants Limited continue their partnership for the 10th Season !


Chris comments;

I am delighted that Gary remains on board for the 10th year. Not only has Gary helped me over the years with products for my bikes from bearings, chains to cable ties, he has also worked with me to try and find different ways to improve things and get the bikes working better.  We have tried and tested many things over the years, some things have worked some things haven't but we live and learn.  Gary is very much part of Team Harris and i am looking forward to another season working with him and hopefully another 10 ! 

Over the years Gary and his family have became close friends of myself and my family. Gary and his family attended my wedding in December to Emma-Louise, where Gary provided some entertainment during the photography session where he leant on a a fire exit door and fell through, he's not goingt to live that one down!   I hope that our friendship continues to grow for many more years to come.


Take a look at their website to see what products and services they provide http://www.sprint-uk.com


Gary comments;

‘After recently speaking to Chris we realised that 2018 will be the 10th season that my company, Sprint Engineering & Lubricants Ltd have been sponsoring him. Where did that time go?? Bomber was starting to establish himself in the Grand Prix standings  and I was itching to get more involved in a sport that I had followed since my father first took me to Cradley Heath when I was 5. I was at Cardiff on the night of his GP win in 2007 and like many people, will never forget the racing and the atmosphere that night. I think it was at Cardiff in 2008 that Chris had a crash and broke his nose. The adrenalin and his ‘never say die’ spirit saw him reach the semi-finals that night and I just felt like this is a guy who I would like to be involved with.

We have helped Bomber with all different types of spare parts for the bikes over the years and we have looked at different ways to help improve speed with new innovations. Some things have worked, other things haven’t but it is always worth a try and Bomber is always prepared to look at new ideas. Ultimately only he knows how the bike feels, drives, pulls, spins etc. and the holy grail is to find that perfect set-up that responds exactly how he wants it to. We would all love it if he could win from the front every time – but it is more exciting to see him do it from the back. I suppose the secret is to not let the others get too much of a head start, so we can be left with some fingernails!!!

In a sport that I adore but which also tests my patience on many occasions, there is a guy that has been a dedicated servant to British Speedway for a long time. We should celebrate his achievements as the current all-time highest point scorer for Team GB. And I hope that he has the opportunity to add many more points to that total in the years to come. I know the Grand Prix has had some tough years for Bomber but I for one really hope that he can fight his way back in to the series and use his past experience to help him achieve more silverware.

I have watched thousands of laps of speedway over the years and the hairs still stand up on the back of my neck when Chris is ‘flying’ and mixing it with the best riders on the world stage.

Over the years we have become close friends with Chris and his family and long may that continue as his family expands in numbers.

Here’s to a very successful 2018'