Full Name Christopher Calvin Harris
Date of Birth 28th November 1982
Place of Birth Truro, Cornwall
Height 5ft 5in
Weight 9 stone
Eye Colour Brown
First Job Farming
First Love Grasstrack


Married: Emma-Louise
Step Daughter: Mia-Faye
Mum: Rebecca
Sister: Carla

Lives Coventry
Pets Cocker Spaniel (Worker) called Orla, Ragdoll Cat called Milo 
Favourite Food Spaghetti Bolognese
Worst Food Tomatoes
Favourite Drink Out of season - Budweiser
In season - Lemonade
Favourite Film Fast and the Furious
Favourite Colour Red
Current Clubs


Rye House Rockets - Premiership
Glasgow Tigers - Championship 
Polonia Pila (Poland)

Previous Clubs

St Austell Gulls
Exeter Falcons
Trelawny Tigers
Peterborough Panthers
Belle Vue Aces
Birmingham Brummies
Kaparna (Sweden)
Vastervik (Sweden)
KM Ostrow (Poland)
Stal Rzeszow (Poland)
Wlokniarz Czestochowa (Poland)
ROW Rybnik (Poland)
Rospiggarna (Sweden)

Holstebro (Denmark)

Coventry Bees

Krakow (Poland)

Contracted to Coventry Bees
First Started Speedway Eastbourne Training Track
Started Speedway aged 14
Machinery CHR Frames, GM
Mechanics Chris Anderson (Chief),
Team Manager Chris Anderson
Planning Manager Emma-Louise Harris
PR Manager Laurence Rogers
Hours in workshop On average 5 hours per day
Transport Ford Transit
Favourite Tracks Coventry
Worst Track None
Most Respected Riders All Riders
Favourite Rider Tony Rickardsson (Sweden)
Main Influence My Late Father Cedric Caff
Best Meeting British Grand Prix 2007
Honours British Champion 2007, 2009, 2010
British Grand Prix Winner 2007
Elite League Champions 2005, 2007, 2010 (Coventry Bees)
Elite League Pairs Champion 2008 (with Hans Andersen), 2010 (with Krzysztof Kasprzak)
Craven Shield Winner 2007 (Coventry Bees)
Premier League Champions 2000 (Exeter Falcons)
Premier Trophy Winners 2002 (Trelawny Tigers)
Conference League Champions 1999 (St Austell Gulls)
Conference League Cup Winners 1999 (St Austell Gulls)
Eclipse Champion
World Team Cup 2005 - 4th (Great Britain)
World Team Cup 2006 - 3rd (Great Britain)
World Team Cup 2007 - 4th (Great Britain)
World Team Cup 2010 - 4th (Great Britain)
Worst Injury Cracked shoulder blade, broken wrist and scaphoid.
Hobbies Football, Gym, Motocross, Cycling, PS4
How do you relax ? Spending time with my wife Emma-Lou and Mia Faye, Family & Friends. Watching & Playing Football. Playing PS4, watching TV and movies
Dislikes Losing Anything
Phobias None
Are you superstitious ? Yes, very
What do you wish for in Life ? To continue having a happy home life, be healthy and achieve as much as I can in Speedway.